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Morita Roberta 森田藥粧 Eye Mask

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Dr. Morita 森田藥粧 Eye Mask ($1.30 each) OFFER ($0.90 each) Exp Sep 2015
1. Vegetal Placenta Firming Whitening

Weight: 15g

About Morita Roberta

Beauty specialists from Taiwan Professional Beauty Hospital researched and produced Morita Roberta. Technology is provided by JAPAN (TOKYO)-based company and manufactured in Taiwan. Manufacturing process supervised under the company in Japan.

Morita Roberta has established in Taiwan for 24 years. Today, it has 74 years of history. Products of Morita Roberta have recieved good feedbacks from the public ever since its establishment.

Morita Roberta Eye Mask

How to use:

1. After cleansing your skin, place the eye mask below your eyes.
2. Apply for 5~10 mins. (* depending on skin condition, avoid applying for more than 10 mins)
3. Remove the mask.
4. Slowly massage until the liquid is absorbed by your skin.

** No need to rinse face after usage.